I don’t want lights in my plaza, but I want it to shine by night

The Architect said: I don’t want to install lights in my plaza! But I want light!

“See the light without seeing the light.” This is a proverb used a lot by people in nowadays, but nobody really gets the proper meaning of it. Once an architect has also claimed: I don’t want any lights to be installed in my Plaza, but I want light.

In fact, the phrase “see the light” in this proverb means to lights up the object in a way that you couldn’t find the source of the light, which is the following phrase “without seeing the light” refers to, but it doesn’t mean not to install light!

For example, lights were usually hidden in plenty of the landscape designs. You would not easily find out where all the lights have gone in the morning and surprisingly noticed “Oh! They were just here!”, at night.

The lights were hidden underneath the stairs and inside the sculptures, they can only be seen at night.

Lights disguised as a piece of stone or the fallen leaves.

On the opposite side of The Mix Place bookstore——The Red Couture, we can see there were bricks appeared normal on its wall in the morning but lights up as a luminous facade at night.

But this type of building method raises the level of building difficulty, since a whole piece of glass needs to be built inside the wall in order to achieve this effect.

The surface of the lighting brick of The Red Couture is actually constructed using a complex double surface theory.

Also, it is a type of customized product, which is not realistic to apply on large projects.

However, now, to achieve the same effect without the complicated bricklaying work, you can try this type of “Wall-like Tiles” from Shone Lighting.

It looks exactly the same as the normal wall tiles in the morning.

But able to function as light at night.

Many squares and plazas like to set up light-spots to highlight the beauty of the landscapes. They do look fascinated when the evening comes.

However during daytime, they just look awkward and oddly standout, ruining the flow of the beauty in the area.

Now the question is, do we really need to be tolerant of those oddness all day in exchange of the beautiful views at night, such as, in the day time, seeing a big piece of glass laying on the ground in the middle of road when you walk by?

Fortunately, we have these marbling LED tile, which can be buried underground and looks exactly the same as other tiles around it during the day, and work as lights during night.

They are perfectly designed to integrate into the building materials.

Customized surface, simulating any surface texture of marbles, paving tiles, ceramic tiles etc.

No shadows, no gaps. Tiles are connected tightly to each other.

Joint naturally with other building materials, would not have any destruction on the landscape viewing during daytime.

Same texture as the normal building materials, very little shadow areas to make the luminous effects more natural.

Rather than the traditional underground lights where screwing installation were used to fasten the frame of the light. We design a special structure that achieve a stronger waterproof effect.

The designs of outdoor lighting, especially for underground lighting, should have the ability to resist any harsh environment.

We also use the electric drill to proof the quality of our LED tiles.

Scratch-resistant, the surface remained even scratched by the electric drill.

With its DMX512 dimming method, auto control, and fully customized features, you can find more creative way with the marbling tiles.

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